Are you ready to hit the panic button yet?

Thirty two games in the books and the Phillies are in last place five games behind the Nationals and Braves. Everyone else in the Division is over .500 while the Phillies (14-18) are four games below .500 for the first time since May 9, 2007.


The offense was the main focus of blame for the losing in April, not being able to get the clutch hits or score runs. In 23 games their record was 11 wins 12 losses.

The offense averaged 3.30 runs per game hitting .247 with 14 HR’s scoring 76 runs. The Pitchers in April had a 3.03 ERA giving up 3.39 runs per game.


Everyone couldn’t wait to get through April and head into May, because our offense has to get better, and we were right. The offense got a lot better in the first 9 games of May. Batting avg. .279, 8 HR’s scored 46 runs giving them 5.11 runs per game.


5.11 runs per game? Wow we have to be 8-1 or 7-2, but NO, 3-6 are you kidding me? The pitchers have let us down with a May ERA of 5.44 and are giving up 5.89 runs per game since May 1st. The bullpen has been terrible, look at some of these ERA’s so far in May


Qualls (4.50) Kendrick (9.00) Schwimer (9.00) Contreras (9.82) Sanches (11.25) Savery (11.57) Papelbon (13.50)




****Bright spot Bastardo (0.00)****


How about the starters in May? 

Hamels (1.93) Blanton (2.30) Lee (3.00)

****Halladay (7.30) Worley (7.50)****


Halladay and Worley have to take some of the blame in May. Doc was very unDOC-like in Atlanta and Worley didn’t have his best outing in DC, but those to games aside, the bullpen has been horrible. Now that Schwimer has been sent down and they have optioned Savery, it looks like Jake Diekman and Raul Valdes will get the call. In 13 games for the Pigs Diekman has an ERA of 0.59 with 22K 3BB and 5 saves. Of course that’s AAA. Valdes has pitched in 11 games, has a 3.86 ERA 26K 1BB and a save. Not sure if they are going to do anything for this bullpen, but something needs to be done and somebody other then Bastardo needs to step up.

I believe Papelbon will be fine, his ERA is from one bad night, but the rest of the bullpen really scares me, because they really just aren’t very good, so maybe it is time for Diekman and Valdes to get some work in at the big league level. Really how much worst could they be?


Charlie finally saw enough and had the talk with his team. I believe it was long overdue and I wish he would have done it on a night when the team played the next day, but we will see if the team shows any life vs. the Padres. They are the worst team in the NL and I believe we need to sweep them and beat them soundly in all 3 games to gain a little of our Mojo back. After that we have Houston and the Cubs, so the next 7 games we need to make a statement, because we are better then all 3 of our next opponents and have to show it right now.


According to Todd Zolecki the Phillies usually respond when Charlie has a meeting.


I’m not ready to push the panic button, but I know where it is and I hope I don’t have dust in off.



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